General organization

The TECHGENE project is organized in 8 work packages (WP’s). Each work package has a work package leader, who is responsible for the particular work package.





Management structure

Within the project TECHGENE there are several bodies involved in management of the project. The project has a coordinator, a project management office, a management team and a general assembly. Also a scientific advisory board has been established. Below you can find a description of the bodies and their responsibilities in the project.





Hans Scheffer (RUNMC), a clinical molecular geneticist, is the coordinator of the TECHGENE project and will chair the Management Team and the General Assembly. The coordinator is responsible for the contractual, financial, legal, administrative and scientific issues. He is assisted by a management office.


Project Management Office

The Project Management Office is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project and will take care of proper management of contractual, financial, legal, administrative and scientific issues. The TECHGENE Project Management Office consists of:

  • the coordinator (Dr. Hans Scheffer)
  • a scientific project manager (Dr. Ir. Daniella Kasteel)
  • a financial officer (Gerard Cox)
  • a legal officer (Mr. Wim van Oijen)
  • and a secretary (Jolanda Engelaar-Schoenmaker)

This Project Management Office undertakes all correspondence and communication required, between the consortium and the European Commission.


Management Team

The Management Team will focus on integration of scientific efforts. It is composed of the Work Package (WP) leaders, thus ensuring the representation of all lines of research of the project. Dr. Banfi serves as vice-chairman of the consortium, able to chair any consortium meetings or take necessary decisions in absentia of the coordinator.


General Assembly

In the General Assembly, a principal investigator of each partner is appointed. The General Assembly decides on the scientific and financial issues of the project. At the annual meeting of the General Assembly, participating personnel from each laboratory can attend the meeting in addition to the principal investigators.


Work Package leaders

The Work package leaders are in charge of the implementation plan for the Work package that they coordinate. The progress of the Work packages is reported to the Work Package leader, who discusses the progress at each Management Team meeting.


Scientific Advisory Board – external input:

The project covers a relatively wide scope of technologies; hence it is of importance to get advice from outside the consortium. A 3-member Scientific Advisory Board has been assembled by invitation, to undertake the role of contributing, through an advisory capacity, on the scientific direction and progress of the TECHGENE project. The members of the advisory board are eminent scientists in their field, have Experience in SME - academia interactions and have a ´Holistic´ scientific view.


At present, the 3 following colleagues have accepted to join the Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Dr. David Barton, National Centre for Medical Genetics, University College Dublin, expertise Clinical Molecular Genetics. Prof. Barton is active in human molecular genetics. He is coordinator of a European working group on reference materials. He is Head of the Molecular Genetic Laboratory of the National Centre for Medical Genetics, Dublin.
  • Prof. Dr. Jean-Jacques Cassiman, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, expertise Molecular Genetics, Quality Assurance, EU Regulatory Affairs. Prof. Cassiman is coordinator of EUROGENTEST and former president of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG).
  • Dr. Cor Oosterwijk, Director Vereniging Samenwerkende Ouder- en Patiëntenorganisaties (VSOP). The VSOP is one of the founding organizations of the European Genetic Alliances' Network (EGAN).